The Federation has installed over 80 projects since its founding in 2001 to filter the stormwater pouring off intensely suburbanized land.  They range from multi-million dollar stream restoration projects, living shorelines, wetland creation, stormwater bioretentions, and rain gardens. We monitor the river’s health at 35 stations to target our restoration efforts, putting 80% of our resources into our most polluted creeks.

With a team of 8 staff and a 1,000 person volunteer army, we annually plant acres of native trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants as well as millions of oysters onto the South River sanctuary reefs.

We are partnered with Smithsonian scientists to evaluate the 17 projects installed on our most polluted creek. In 2 years, the creek’s worst stream went from supporting 8 minnows to 247, with bacteria rates dropping by 82%. Help us restore this average river, and we can share this model to save hundreds of other rivers along the Atlantic seaboard.

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Learn about these types of projects:

Stream and Wetlands

Living Shorelines

Rain Gardens

Oyster Restoration

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