Heritage Harbour Reforestation

The South River Federation worked in 2011-2012 to reforest a steep waterfront slope along the South River in the community of Heritage Harbor, an area between the Route 50 bridge and Broad Creek.   A portion of the forested slope had been poisoned by an unknown vandal, killing all of the existing trees and shrubs.  The slope needed to be replanted, not only to restore native habitat, but also to prevent soil erosion into Broad Creek.  The Federation brought out a crew of over 50 volunteers and the Chesapeake Conservation Corps in 2011 and another crew of Maryland Conservation Corps in 2012 to maintain the site and replace some damaged and dead trees from the previous year’s planting efforts.  For the first three years of the project, the trees were watered during periods of drought by the Heritage Harbour Waterfront Committee.  The Committee continues to monitor the trees to this day.