Visionary Members

Leeann and Charlie Candon, Edgewater, MD
Virginia Clagett and Bill Murray, Harwood, MD
Amanda Gibson and John Butler, Lothian, MD
Ava and Jerry Hill, Galesville, MD
Robert and Lois Lerner, Edgewater, MD
David Levine, Arlington, VA
Lou and Linda Mazawey, Arlinton, VA
Fred and Kathy Rotondaro, Alexandria, VA
Steve and Roberta Saxon, Bethesda, MD
Dave Sherwood, Redmond, WA
Terry and Susy Smith, Shady Side, MD
Mike and Eileen Stein, Shady Side, MD
Ann and Noel Widdifield, Shady Side, MD

Conservator Members

Adam and Sally Hewison, Shady Side, MD
Nancy Petersen, Shady Side, MD
Martin Poretsky, Harwood, MD
Tony and Phyllis Syme, Chantilly, VA
Mark Thomas, Shady Side, MD

Legacy Members

Douglas Ell, Stuart, FL
Mr. & Mrs. Corbin Gwaltney, Harwood, MD
Alex and Donna Schlegel, West River, MD
Edie Wilkie and Don Edwards, Mayo, MD