Bacteria Monitoring Results


Operation Clearwater:

During the summer, we monitor bacteria levels at various community waterfront and restoration areas as part of our Operation Clearwater program. Operation Clearwater was started by the Severn River Association and is aimed at providing timely public health information to participating communities and helping to identify times when it may be inadvisable to swim. Knowledge is key in our fight for healthier, clean waters. In 2020, a 16 week schedule costs $475 and runs from May 27th through September 9th. To pay online, please click here.

If you are interested in having your personal or community waterfront tested, please contact

Bacteria Results for this season are listed below. Due to Covid, we have met with sampling delays, but new sites will be added as we catch up.

You can also check out this data on our interactive web map. (This site is currently in the process of being updated).