South River Report Card

Since 2007, the Federation has compiled an annual South River Scorecard. Each year, the Scorecard presents data on key indicators of River health, such as: water clarity, dissolved oxygen, underwater grasses, and the abundance of aquatic life.

Much of the data in the Scorecard has been collected by the South Riverkeeper, but the report also utilizes data from a variety of respected sources such as the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences.

The 2018 report card, featured a fold out map of the river with invididual creek grades as well as a chart of the South River’s best and worst creeks. View them here.

For the details about how swimmable and fishable the South River was in 2018, click here.

To view our interactive data map, that contains historical graphs for dissolved oxygen and water clarity, click here. We hope to add West/Rhode data in 2019!