2019 Volunteers!

What Can YOU Do for Arundel Rivers?

Ultimately, the Federation is effective because hundreds of people who live, work and play on South, West & Rhode Rivers are willing to invest themselves in healthy future of our rivers.

If you would like to become an active member of Arundel Rivers Federation, please email Nancy Merrill , our Volunteer Program Coordinator. We’ll find a way to get you plugged into helping bring back the river.

Wet & messy opportunities

  • Planting trees, marshes, oysters
  • Water monitoring
  • Stream cleanup
  • Other field work

Clean & dry opportunities

  • Office work (data entry, mailings, technical support,  etc.)
  • Event setup and support
  • Ambassador (i.e. setup an information table at various local events)

Early June, 2019 Underwater Grass Hunt is Underway! 

Arundel Rivers Federation is on the hunt for spring time underwater grass beds in the South, West and Rhode Rivers! If you have a kayak, canoe, paddle board or small skiff and would like to search your local creek or stretch of river for these spring time grass beds, we would very much appreciate it! Some people even report grass beds just by standing on their community dock.

While water clarity is still below the average 1 meter that scientists think will support summertime underwater grasses, in the last few years, beds of a spring time grass, called Horned Pondweed, Zannichellia palustris has been reported at the heads and along the sunny sides of many of our local creeks. We are hoping that these Horned Pondweed beds are a sign that the summertime grasses will soon return. Horned Pondweed only grows in spring and starts to wash up on beaches in mid June, so we need Underwater Grass Hunters during the next couple weeks.

To Hunt, we will need to send you a close up chart of your local creek or stretch of river. We can email the chart to you or you can come in person to our office near YellowFin Restaurant off Rt 2 and we will print one out for you. Just circle on the chart the location of the bed as well as it’s density. Then email or snail mail the map back to us with your name and date that you hunted. See example below.

To become an Underwater Grass Hunter, email jesse@arundelrivers.org

Hunting Instructions
Data Sheet
Guide to Common Underwater Grasses
sample survey chart