Living Shorelines

The Federation has worked with a number of communities on the rivers to replace bulkhead and revetment with natural “living shoreline” projects. These projects are a natural alternative to fully armoring a shoreline with rip-rap or bulkheads. They provide shoreline stabilization by working with the wave energy on the rivers and creeks to prevent erosion and provide vital habitat for animals, such as terrapins and horseshoe crabs that spend critical phases of their lives at the water’s edge. These living shorelines are stabilized with native shrubs and grasses and also provide important nesting and feeding areas for shorebirds and other wildlife.

There are now a number of grant and low interest loans sources available to property owners and community association looking to install living shorelines. For instance, MD Dept. of Natural Resources offers a 0% interest loan program for living shorelines.

If you are interested in pursuing a living shoreline for your own property, or for community property, please contact the Federation and we would be glad to provide technical assistance.

You can browse the many living shorelines and other projects managed by the Federation that are recorded in our data map by clicking on the image below.  (After the full map opens, look to the right side and click “Creeks,” “Stations,” or “Projects” to facilitate your search.)


Some Completed Projects Include:

  • Arundel on the Bay Living Shoreline
  • Bear Neck Creek Living Shoreline, off Germantown Road (80 feet long). This project, completed in 2013, was funded by a grant from The Chesapeake Bay Trust and dedicated landowners.
  • Bear Neck Creek Living Shoreline, off Overhill Road (120 feet long). This project, completed in 2014, was funded by a grant from The Chesapeake Bay Trust and dedicated landowners.
  • Camp Woodlands Living Shoreline
  • Church Creek Experimental Living Shoreline
  • Edgewater Beach Living Shoreline
  • Little Aberdeen Lagoon Living Shoreline
  • London Town Living Shoreline
  • Popham Creek Living Shoreline, off Bayfields Road (450 feet long). This project, completed in 2014, was funded by a grant from The Chesapeake Bay Trust, an interest free loan from MD DNR and a very dedicated landowner.
  • South River Farm Park Living Shoreline
  • Southdown Shores Living Shoreline
  • South River Landing Living Shoreline
  • Thomas Point Road Living Shoreline
  • YMCA Camp Letts Living Shoreline, southern point, between Sellman Creek and Bear Neck Creek on the Rhode River (950 feet long). This project, completed in 2015, was funded by a grant from The Chesapeake Bay Trust.\80 feet long Living
  • Turkey Point Living Shoreline
  • Turnbull Estates Living Shoreline & BMP
  • Twin Harbors Living Shoreline
  • Franklin Point State Park Living Shoreline:
  • Franklin Point State Park:
  • The State of Maryland has selected this as only one of two Coastal Resiliency Grant Program projects in Anne Arundel County to help communities enhance their resiliency to the effects of climate change, extreme storms and weather. MD Dept. of Natural Resources will partner with the West & Rhode Riverkeeper to design a climate-resilient living shoreline at the park. The proposed 2,500 linear foot project will stabilize the existing peninsula to increase resiliency of the park and nearby communities. Additionally, the department is working to align dredging operations to pilot the beneficial use of dredged material at the location. We’re about to select an engineering firm to design the project. Once that firm has drafted a preliminary concept for the design, we will present it in public meetings to the Columbia Beach association and other community organizations for their input. The design phase should be completed in one year. Construction would start in 2019.

More to come.  Thanks for your patience as we work through the transition.