Marylanders Grows Oysters

Arundel Rivers participates in the Marylanders Grows Oysters Program where waterfront citizens care for oysters in cages hung off their piers until the baby oysters are mature enough to survive on the South River’s Oyster Sanctuary Reef. This is a winter and spring program. Baby Oysters are delivered to oyster growers in October and are ready to be moved to the sanctuary reef in May. Growers need to shake their oysters cages once a month to knock any excess algae off the cages, so that the oysters have plenty of water circulation. Sign up to participate in the Marylanders Grows Oysters Program is in June and July, so the oyster hatchery has time to produce enough oysters to meet the demand of the thousands of Marylanders Grow Oysters participants. To participate, email  Jesse Iliff, South, West and Rhode Riverkeeper at

You can read the Arundel Rivers Federation Oyster Growers Manual here!