Bywater Stream and Wetland Restoration

The Bywater Branch Restoration Project is located in Annapolis next to the community of Kingsport. The roughly 2,000 linear foot site is in the headwaters of Church Creek, one of the most highly urbanized sub watersheds on the South River. The project site is currently composed of multiple stormwater outfalls and eroding channels.

This project seeks to create emergent and forested wetlands by reconnecting the historic wetland and floodplain elevations to the existing eroding channel. By reconnecting the floodplain, we aim to provide stable conveyance of stormwater which will allow cleaner water to enter Church Creek and the South River. This project will improve non-tidal stream habitat for everything from frogs to insects to small mammals. Upon completion, the site will be heavily planted with native trees, shrubs, and plants with an emphasis on those with high wildlife value. In addition, numerous bioretention facilities and parking lot storm vaults are being proposed for the community area above the stream value, to help shave peak flows from the larger restoration site.

The project is currently under construction! Keep checking back for updates regarding the restoration!