Davidsonville Wildlife Sanctuary Bog

Formerly the site of an algae-filled farm pond with barren banks where any vegetative growth was either quickly trampled or consumed by the rehabilitating animals in the area, we now have a beautiful wetland system.   The goal of this project was to enhance the Sanctuary property as well as create a series of post-treatment wetlands to reduce densities of coliform bacteria leaving the site before the water arrives at Beard’s Creek.  This site was the #1 priority for restoration in the 2007 tributary study for Beard’s Creek.

The project slows the movement of storm flows through the pond (and restores baseflow) by setting a series of grade controls through its length. The soils around the pond are re-hydrated by raising the height of its outfall and creating a series of terraced wetlands that will trap sediment and process nutrients before water leaves the property. These terraced wetlands are fenced off from the rest of the enclosure to allow vegetative growth and to minimize the fouling of water quality by wildlife.

With the landowner’s permission, what was a source of pollution to the river has now been converted into a beautiful, functional best management practice that contributes cool, cleaner baseflow to Beard’s Creek.