Historic London Town and Gardens Stormwater Wetland

The South River Federation has a strong partnership with Historic London Town and Gardens and enjoys completing various projects with their staff.   In fall of 2013, our organizations worked together to install a stormwater wetland next to their parking lot.  This stormwater wetland, with its organic matter and native plants, absorbs the first flush of rainwater that contains the greatest amount of pollutants. The pollutants go into the ground where they are broken down by microbes and plants instead of moving through the water column in the nearby South River.  Project Partners included: Chesapeake Bay Trust, the Brickman Group, and the Boys and Girls Club.

Prior to this, the Federation and Historic London Town and Gardens teamed up to restore and complete the museum’s green roof.  They received a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust for the materials and the Federation recruited volunteers from the Maryland Conservation Corps to remove the old (improper) material, lay the correct material, and plant the green roof.