Welcome to the Arundel Rivers Federation!

We use science, restoration and community action to make the South, West and Rhode Rivers cleaner and healthier.

ARF report card

State of Our Rivers

Want to learn how the South, West and Rhode Rivers are faring? Learn more here.

A Gravely

Gravely Grand Canyon Fixed!

Gravely Grand Canyon in Davidsonville is fixed! Read all about it in the Capital Gazette here.


Interactive Data Map

This map shows Dissolved Oxygen levels, water clarity measurements, bacteria readings, and showcases some of our restoration projects.

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About Us

We work with our communities to educate and engage citizens on issues related to protecting water in our watershed, to enforce existing environmental laws, to promote stream restoration, and to advocate for common sense environmental policy.

Pumpout Boat runs on the West, Rhode and South Rivers May-Oct. Fri-Mon. Call or text 443-294-3961 for the schedule or to make an appointment.