Edgewater Beach Septic Upgrades & Stormwater Retrofits

The Edgewater Beach Septic and Stormwater Retrofit project was a multi-phase effort to work with a decades-old, waterfront community on the South River. The goal to comprehensively upgrade its infrastructure to help reduce negative impacts to health and water quality, improve property values, and bring up-to-code a community developed prior to most contemporary environmental regulations. The community of approximately 153 homes, most of which are within the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area (1,000′ of Mean High Water Line of tidal waters or landward edge of tidal wetlands), was largely developed in the 1960s on conventional septic systems and wells and without any stormwater management controls.

Unfortunately, 50 years later, it largely remains served by the same infrastructure. As a result, the Anne Arundel County Health Department has deemed Edgewater Beach one of 37 “problem area” communities countywide, with its issues compounded by its small lot sizes, high water table, and steep slopes. Additionally, the degraded condition of the wastewater infrastructure and its proximity to the South River have caused it to be identified as a “high” priority for restoration within the Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works’ (DPW) Septic System Master Plan.

In short, the goal was to help reverse the decades of impacts from failing infrastructure. This project included starting design for a wide scale conversion of an urban community from septic to sewer and an engineered plan to retrofit its antiquated stormwater management systems using Environmental Site Design (ESD) techniques to the Maximum Extent Practicable (MEP).  The project has been suspended at this time.