Federation - Oak Grove Bioretention Project

The South River Federation began an “extreme slope makeover” of a slope covered in invasive plants next to our office.  The first part of the project began by replacing an existing six foot deep headcut with the installation of a two celled rain garden to capture stormwater runoff from the parking lot.  Previously, stormwater runoff ran down to slope untreated and into the South River less than 100 feet away.  The stormwater was also weakening a wooden retaining wall at the bottom of the slope that continually needed repair.  Now, the rain garden quickly fills up during a rain event and lets the water soak slowly into the ground and plants.

Over the past years, well over 150 trees and shrubs and 200 native grasses, sedges, rushes, and wildflowers were installed with the help of volunteers in the garden and throughout the entire slope.  Prior to the planting, the slope was overrun by invasive plants and was cleared in preparation for the plantings.  The Federation continues to monitor the invasive growth on the slope.  Volunteer groups from local schools, Scout troops, and Public Safety Works Crews helped spread wood chips, move cobbles, and install native plants.